Westinghouse L2046NV: Light-duty LCD

Users in the market for a general purpose 20-inch LCD and not in need of a lot of features should find this monitor worth a look. But although the Westinghouse L2046NV handles motion and small text well, some flaws in its overall image quality prevent me from recommending it to users who require color accuracy.

The monitor, which has both analog and digital inputs, maintains a traditional 4:3 aspect ratio and has a maximum resolution of l,400 by 1,050 pixels. Thanks to the panel's 5-ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response time, moving images were tendered decently, with only minimal noise and ghosting-not enough to distract someone from a game. DVD movie playback was also good, with just a trace of motion artifacts that were noticeable only when the screen was mostly dark.

A more serious flaw was the monitor's inability display shades of dark gray. This not only made it impossible to differentiate between dark grays and black but also made darker primary colors took too dark.

I’ll give the Westinghouse L2046NV points for its handling of small text. Its multimedia capabilities arc also mostly up to par, but image quality left me disappointed.

Westinghouse L2046NV: $279

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