Sony Ericsson K770i: Slim Cyber-Shot with Beloved Design

Continuing the successfulness of previous “Cyber-Shot” series: K790i, K800i, K550i, K810i and K850i which also has just been launched, Sony Ericsson returns to launch the newest Cyber-Shot family through its newest series: K770i. With its “Cyber-Shot” label, the camera surely becomes the main features.

The K770i is powered by 3,2 megapixel camera, similar with previous three product. But smaller than K850i, which reaches 5 megapixel. With 1,45 cm thickness, K770i claimed as slimmest Cyber-Shot phone.

Various feature to maximize the camera performance also added. Autofocus, lens protector active covers which is automatically activates camera modus when opened, and others. Unhappily, K770i only rely on ordinary flash lamp, not like the K810i and others phone which uses “xenon flash”.

The photo from K770i may directly be edited via Photo Fix feature, including adding some effects. You also can upload it via blog directly from your phone with “Picture Blogging” feature. With PictBridge technology, the photo may directly be printed in A4 paper size.

For the others features, K770i still adopt the previous series. There is TFT screen with 262.000 colors sharpness, Bluetooth v20 support A2DP, Radio FM with RDS and TrackID, Stick Micro (M2) memory card slot.

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Comments on "Sony Ericsson K770i: Slim Cyber-Shot with Beloved Design"


Anonymous Cheap Mofo said ... (28 janar 2009 në 8:30 e paradites) : 

Had purchased the Sony Ericsson K770i a wee while back, it's a good solid phone. Music Track Recognition is really good when you just can't put the name to the song in your head.


Blogger neil said ... (17 dhjetor 2009 në 4:52 e paradites) : 

Guy's this phone is awesome! true cybershot phone (not like c510 or other cybershot phone low quality camera) i can type my message very fast and smooth. even the video is low quality i can say this phone has more advantage than disadvantage.


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