Ferguson Hill FH007 and FH008: High-Style, High-End Audio

There’s no shortage of luxury design pieces that sound great and cost a fortune these days. And boys, does this set look cool! Everyone who saw it in my testing bench wanted to steal this speaker and subwoofer combo to set up at home.

The price is, in my opinion, way too high, but there’s no denying that the FH007 speakers-unique in that the woofer and tweeter are in completely separate enclosures- sound crisp and beautiful, if occasionally too bright. For those who care about an accurate stereo field (and if you spend this much money, I hope you do), placement can be an issue. You have to mark off exact distances between woofer sphere and tweeter and maintain them for the left and right channels. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the woofer sphere and tweeter horns are firing at the same angle. And since these speakers are made of lightweight acrylic, you’ll need to use the optional, unsexy rubber feet for the legs to prohibit movement.

The FH008 subwoofer is a must for popular music fans, but classical music enthusiast and jazz lovers might be able to survive without it. Personally, I wouldn’t want to use the FH007 without the well-defined low end the FH008 brings to the table. Buy them if you’ve got the money to burn.

Ferguson Hill
FH007: $995
FH008: $595

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