Samsung WEP200: Tiny Bluetooth Headset

Designs factor still become the main trend of wireless peripheral manufacturers in develop their product. Various new innovations it’s also presented. One of it is the Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth headset.

The physical of Samsung WEP200 is similar with mostly Bluetooth headset, ellipse but still stylist. Compared to Jabra JX10 and also Nokia BH-800, this made in Korea headset is looks tiny and compact. Its proper, the ergonomics design unfolds is less than 4 cm, whereas the weight is only 9 gram.

Samsung WEP200 can do pairing to Bluetooth cellphone so easily and smooth. So it’s not necessary to having the same brand, but important it’s already support Bluetooth version 2.0 and below. You just have to push the “telephone” picture button a few moments, after ON position. Meanwhile for the audio setting, WEP200 figures the volume button in side of right body. The sound quality it’s clear and loud enough.

The other ability of this headset is: voice dialing, Call rejecting and Call waiting. Besides for the phone “thing”, supported A2DP (Advanced audio Distribution Profile) technology can make you enjoy the sound from your compatible digital music player.

For your comfort ness, Samsung WEP200 pins the rubber material ear clip. Meanwhile for the energy supply, this headset relies on lithium Ion battery which planted in body. Unfortunately, the battery refilling must apply the dock charging at the same time as the storage place. Once time refill, the battery can life until 2,5 days.

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Anonymous Imran said ... (2 korrik 2008 në 3:24 e paradites) : 

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Blogger Anne said ... (9 shkurt 2010 në 3:25 e paradites) : 

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Anonymous Anonim said ... (22 korrik 2011 në 4:44 e paradites) : 

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