Compared to GSM version, there is not so many PDA Phone based on CDMA network which available. This opportunity takes by Dopod (or now HTC) when releasing Dopod D818c.

Using Dopod D818Pro frame, it is not strange if the appearance of Dopod D818c same as the brother which based on GSM network. The only way to differentiate it is when you tum on the. If D818Pro casing is available in 5 color choice, Dopod D818c only have one color. Dark color of course impressing elegant, but in parallel with dearly shows your finger spot which as described on the gleam surface.

This PDA phone has dual band technology, can be attached with RUIM card from all CDMA operators. Not found the setting for injection number. When tum on, PDA phone direct recognizes the applied operator network, and set its configuration. We can easily changes operator and Network Wizard setting.

2 Megapixel CMOS camera applicable to take a picture and also records a video. Unhappily flash light is not available. Camera setting still same as the GSM version, 2,8 inch screen with QVGA resolution its enough to enjoy photo display and also video. With addition memory slot, capacities can be added when the intemal memory is full.

Dopod figures Intemet Sharing for intemet connectivity. Even not supported EVDO technology, video streaming in this PDA phone can be said not bad. But unfortunately, we can't find video call facility.

Bluetooth 2.0 support with A2DP and AVRCP enables us to exploit Bluetooth accessory, the example, headset or speaker, to listen music. Plus the Audio Manager to arrange outputs sound. But, sad to say, the sound produce by speaker is still standard. Better if you applies headset. For microphone is provided AGC Microphone setting.

In software equipment, JBLEND is available to organize Java application installation in the device. Dopod also adds Adobe Reader LE to read PDF file, Voice Speed Dial which uses voice to command the application, and Zip for file compression.

Price range
Dopod D818c: $500

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