Asus PG221: LCD for Gamer

Asus probably more knew as component producer like motherboard and graphic card, but now they increasingly serious to enter other market, including LCD monitor market. Its arious product is more various, and also targeting to various segment. One of the example is Asus PG221, 22 inchs widescreens monitor and targeted as monitor for gamers.

This is the second PG series monitor after before Asus already launch PG191. Besides its larger size, both monitor having similar design. The most unique looks from the LCD are the speaker and sub-woofer placed in LCD rest, makes it seen big and gallant at the same time. This monitor is also equiped with camera which placed in upside the monitor.

Looks from front side, this monitor seen minimalis with touch model button to activate various LCD function. One of button functions is to activate Splendid, which is picture mode choice for certain program type like music or film.

As a whole, PG221 performance is good enough, mainly in color accuration and gradation which presented. With support from 2ms time response, picture movement is looks smooth without ghosting effect. To plays games, and looks on film, PG221 seems can give good quality picture and voice.

Asus PG221 can give complete required from the users which needed one monitors with good multimedia feature. With good picture quality and support from unique internal speaker makes this LCD becomes good choice for user though with expensive enough price.

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Anonymous Sony laptop lcd screen repair said ... (5 shkurt 2009 në 7:02 e pasdites) : 

Wow.! Period then exclamation mark because its quite the revolution! Its about time that companies endure a bit of a twist in their representation, its not often we get to see something like this but hey it'll be worth the production! Whether people think it to be unique or not, Im my own individual and nothing will get in the way of my vision!


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