Nikon Coolpix S500: Full Automatic with Good Quality

From all new camera of compact class presented by Nikon in 2007 first quartal, almost all has similar feature. But, Nikon still give difference at some models like P5000 which having high enough specification and complete manual mode in compact class. But before this P series there are the S500 series which can say superior in some cases.

Coolpix S500 basically is not different with the S200 series looks from its specification. But S500 is rather thicker and heavy (132 grams) but basically still implement the same feature like Coolpix other S series like 7,1 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, and its photography technology. Difference also appears at selector button which besides can be push, now also can be turned around to choose menu or preview the picture.

However, S500 may be able to said superior in a few parts. Firstly, its internal memory reaching 26MB and ISO level is also upgraded reachs 2000 for night photograph with less light rate. Second, high speed of camera startup (only 0,8 seconds), same as the shutter time interval as long as you activates VR respone priority feature. This facility also would maximumlier if you using high-speed SD/MMC card.

Some great feature of Nikon still added at S500 like BSS (Best Shot Selector) system to choose best photo from routine shot process and repair of photo quality through D-Lighting function. This D-Lighting button also can be functioned as face-priority button which good for maximizing portrait photo with man face composition. Beside of this button it’s also put down the anti shocks (hand-shake) button to lessen blur effect because hands shake when makes a picture.
Photography system offers from Coolpix S500 of course so useful to people which always wishs to do easiest way but want to get best photo result. Support from 15 scenes program in camera also very assists even this means minimization of manual control which usualy selected by more considerate user. This camera of course addressed as compact camera with heavy feature, even we are not too sees more advantage from its high ISO feature.

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