HTC S710: This Slick Slider is Slow

Can’t decide whether you want an ordinary phone or something with a full keyboard? The HTC S710 gives you both, and in the most exciting design I’ve see n in quite a while.

This Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone works equally well as a regular candy-bar phone and a messaging device. Window Mobile lets you sync music, videos, contacts, and calendars easily with your PC. The S710 is also global-ready, as it’s a quad-band phone that’s sold unlocked so you can use any GSM SIM card in it. It lacks 3G high-speed networking but has Wi-Fi. Phone reception is rock solid, though sound in the earpiece tended to become harsh at higher volume.

Unfortunately, the S710 uses the same sluggish, 200-MHz TI OMAP 850 processor placed in other Windows Mobile phones, and the result is seriously poky performance. Even rotating the display into landscape mode takes several seconds. If you're accustomed to the performance of devices such as the T-Mobile Wing and MDA, which also run on 200 MHz processor, you’ll have learned patience by now. But if you’re coming from a livelier, more responsive handheld such as the Palm Treo or a BlackBerry model, you might want to wait for something faster.

Price range
HTC S710: $450

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