Spectra Vertec DV12: Multifuncion but Average Image Quality

Another new Spectra minicam model attends through this Vertex DV12 series which is continuation from DV2 and DV11 series. As minicam, Vertex DV12 merges a mixture of multimedia usefulness starts from camera, camcorder, storage media, card reader (SD/MMC), TV recorder, MP3 player, and voice recorder. But there is some difference of this product; it’s as game console like Game Boy or Nintendo DS. Noted there are 20 games which will make you amused in spare time.

To support usage of minicam as game console, Vertex DV12 design it’s LCD which can be positioning parallel to eyesight. Additional key pad button on the left and right likely purposely designed so the user can be played comfortly. This key pad also can be used to apply preview function like Play or delete file. What a pity, the left side keypad is too tight and undersize so can cause your finger painful when used to play game.

As a camera, Vertex DV12 is too simple because only offers a few phpto feature. Besides its simple light setting, the manual setting is also minimal. Even has 5 Megapixel (can be interpolate to 10MP) sensor, the photo quality is still ordinary and noise and blur trouble very easy to met because its patch up optic and processor usage. Nevertheless common user will remain to like with foto/video quality which still better if compared to camera phone result.

To make easy the usage of Vertex DV12 without holding it, Spectra figures in the remote control in its package. This wireless control will assist you when will take foto/video object from certain distance without holds it direcly. For you know, camera body is small enough for held with one hands.

The feature which offers from this multi purpose minicam is complete and pleasing enough, particularly with entertainment feaure as MP3 player and portable game console. Its function as game console instead makes us too joyful until forgetting with its main function as a camera. Photo of video quality which offers surely can’t be said great, but with its fascinating price, of course very attract to have.
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