Panasonic DMC-FX55 Review: High ISO Pocket Camera

Panasonic DMC-FX55
What is the standard feature for pocket camera nowaday? Anti- Shake? Correct. Besides, there is other addition feature that is face detection. The feature which able to recognize man faces so the photo result of some faces can seems focus now also carried by Panasonic.

One of Panasonic pocket camera newest model which supplied by face detection feature is DMC-FX55. Not half the battle, until 15 faces can be recognized by camera with 8,1 megapixel resolution using Leica DC wide-angle 28mm lens.

The combination make the user can take more people picture with nature view or wide/high building bacground. The DMC-FX55 LCD is great (3-inch). With bigger LCD size, camera body is slimer if it’s compared to the predecessor (FX50).

Besides big, DMC-FX55 LCD is also smart. Camera can detect light condition, and then automatically increased LCD backlight until 40% when user makes a picture under the Sun condition. While when applied in room, or at less light condition, signal will be boosted up through pixel-mixed read causing picture still come up sharply and clear.

FX55 with this three body color choices (silver, black, pink) offers 3,6X zoom optic. However if you decrease the picture resolution become 3 megapixel, optic zoom can be lengthened until 5,7X.

I’m also interesting is Quick AF system. Without need to press (half) shutter button, you can start focusing the subject. Panasonic mentions that its Venus Engine III causing camera shutter release time lag is short (0,006 seconds), with 0,8 seconds interval shutter. If High-Speed Burst modus is activated, you can make seven shots per second. The new Engine also supports new High Sensitivity modus that is ISO reachs until 6400. According to Panasonic, this means without blitz and in almost dark condition the camera remain to be sensitive in catching subject.

Panasonic DMC-FX55 Short Reviews
Price range: $419.95 - $449.99

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Anonymous r4 dsi said ... (31 dhjetor 2009 në 9:23 e pasdites) : 

After much review for the "perfect" size camera that takes quality pictures, has good battery life and has face detection and image stabilized zoom, this camera was the pick!


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