T-Mobile Sidekick LX Review: Easy on the Eyes-And Fingers

T-Mobile Sidekick LX
The limousine of messaging devices, T-Mobile’s huge new Sidekick comes with a luxurious keyboard and a big, bright screen that makes e-mails and IMs fun to write and easy to read.

The Side kick LX’s best features is its keyboard. The well-spaced, raised buttons make typing easier on the LX than on almost any other handheld device I’ve tested. The keyboard also ties into the excellent IM client, backed up with both SMS and MMS support. You have full access to AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! Mail buddy list, and you can flip through conversations quickly.

There are some drawbacks. The LX pushes POP3/ IMAP e-mail to you, though it doesn’t support Gmail very well-or Yahoo! Mail or Exchange at all. It browses the Web, but not very quickly. The LX is stuck with T-Mobile’s poky EDGE network without the boost of Wi-Fi that other EDGE devices have. Worse, the browser is basic, without support for frames or Flash. As a phone, the LX is mediocre. Maximum call volume isn’t very loud, though the speakerphone sounds fine. Bluetooth headsets are supported, but only in mono mode, not stereo.

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Curve is superior to the Sidekick LX in almost every way-and it’s less expensive. But if you find the Curve too cramped, the roomier Sidekick LX may be for you.

T-Mobile Sidekick LX Short Reviews
Price range: $299.99

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