Sandisk Sansa TakeTV: Video, from PC to TV, Easily

SanDisk is offering what might be the easiest way to watch videos from your PC on your TV. The Sansa Take TV - a USB drive- plugs into a dock that in turn connects to your television. Put the video on the device by dragging and dropping your own files, or download content from, SanDisk’s source for video. I loaded the TakeTV with files and started watching videos on my TV in minutes. You can forget about HD, surround sound, or a ton of storage space: The TakeTV lacks a hard drive and has minimal A/V outputs. But at $l00 for 4GB of storage or $150 for 8GB, the device comes at a nice price-and it just works well.

Compatible with both Windows Vista and XP, the TakeTV supports DivX/Xvid and MPEG-4 video files, but it won’t display photos or Play music files. SanDisk claims that this capability is in the works.

Currently, offers shows like Dexter and CSI: Miami free. Eventually, premium offerings from Showtime will cost $1.99 or more, or users can choose free content with advertisements. The quality of the available clips on Fanfare is watchable but not stellar The TakeTV’s playback resolution is 720 by 576.

The TakeTV is a hassle-free way to move content from your PC to your TV. It may not have all the bells and whistles of a conventional media extender, but it gets the job done well and inexpensively

Sandisk Sansa TakeTV Short Reviews
Price range: 4GB ($100); 8GB ($150)

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