Anmo Dino-Lite AM313: Mini Digital Microscope

Possibly there is among you like to research small object under the microscope. So besides using analogue microscope, now there are also digital microscopes which more practice to use, and you can also record its result in digital form. Its looks true like a toy, but this digital microscope can be applied in many needs, like part of electronics product Quality Control which wish to see quality of the product solder or beauty consultant of skin/ hair which wish to get image of its patient condition.

One of the digital microscopes in market is Dino-Lite AM313, product of Anmo. This microscope form is very exiguus, and alike mini flash light. The wight is only 90 grams, with height 10 cm and diameter 3,2 cm. To apply it is easy enough, that is by gluing this microscope to surface which wish to be checked, and its result will be shown in computer screen or notebook by using USB connection.

This tool has 8 LED circle lamps as light source and assists lens to catch small object. Like usual microscope, Dino-Lite has enlargement function, and reachs number 200X. With that big enlargement, we can see our skin texture or inks pixel in photo print. We try farther, does this microscope can see bacteria in dirt water, but the 200X enlargement doesn’t reach that’s level.

To apply this gadget, first step must be done is installing DinoCapture software. With this soflware, you can do micro object observation and also records it (in picture and or video) for then is furthermore checked. The software is also able to be applied to get detail information like wide and diameter from a lef of hair. Anmo as this gadget producer also promises improvement of its software calculate ability so that can be application to more needs.

Dino-Lite AM-313 digital microscope maybe alike a toy, but in reality has great benefit because can be use for skin cheks, animal checks, industrial equipment inspection (cable, PCB, textile), and biology lab work. Hobby activity like antique money collector or philately also can be helped with this $299 peripheral.

Anmo Dino-Lite AM313 Short Review
Price range: $299

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