Kodak EasyShare EX811: Widescreen Wi-Fi Memories

Looking for an easy, intuitive way to display your digital photos? Kodak's versatile EasyShare, with its 8-inch, 16:9 widescreen, Wi-Fi capability, and support for a wide variety of memory cards, is definitely worth checking out.
To start, the device's interface is the most intuitive I've seen. But the real draw here is that you can wirelessly stream photos, video, and music to the frame. To do so, you'll need a Wi-Fi - enabled network (802.11b or g) and Windows Media Player 11. Once I got through the setup, this feature worked without a glitch. The frame also has 128MB of onboard memory and supports most memory card formats. In addition, you can connect devices via USB.

Although I appreciate the EasyShare's flexibility, the quality of the 800-by480 resolution screen could be better: Whites get washed out, and there are small lines visible. Video quality was also sub par: Playing an MPEG4 file produced choppy results.

The Kodak EasyShare EX811 is the first Wi-Fi- enabled digital photo frame I've tested that's relatively easy to set up and use. A handy adapter for its mini USB Port makes establishing connections a snap. Although its photo quality isn't the best, the frame's other features-including the 128MB of onboard memory and a headphone jack, help offset this shortcoming.

Kodak EasyShare EX811: $229.95


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