Casio Exilim EX-V7 Review: Unique Sensation

Casio Exilim EX-V7
Differs from Exilim series before, Casio EX-V7 which introduced in beginning of 2007 is comes up prettier. This 7,2 megapixel maximum resolution camera is present with shift lens cover that is at the same time use for turning on the camera.

V7 also applies different lens system compared to another Casio Exilim. V7 lens entirely resides inside so that zoom movement is not seen from outside. Without sticking out its lens from camera body not indicates its optical zoom is minimum, because V7 exactly can do optical zoom until 7x.

Zoom method at V7 also rather differs in because using up – down shift mechanism which felt easier than push button. Access button formation possibly thus too crowded but remain to be comfort and easy to applied, moreover there are “easy mode” choice what makes camera thus simple to use. Unhappily this mode also limits some feature at camera.

Besides design element and easy use offer, V7 also gives unique feature so-called Tracking AF. At this mode, focus will follow photo object movement when shutter button in 1/2 press position. This effective technique to get focus at photo object that is often moving like making a picture of children or athletics event. V7 also applies CCD shift stabilization system to minimize the shock at camera screen that is often happened at zooming time.

Other photography facility support is complete information offer at LCD, flash light at short-distance, Best Shot program to facilitate makes a picture, and ISO setting until 1600 at high sensitivity shot mode. But from our testing prove this high ISO not effective because tending to gives noise photo. One other feature present from the camera ability to records film in widescreen 16:9 format with good quality.

As far as we try, EX-V7 really gives unique sensation for a high resolution compact camera. Tracking AF feature is unique and good for making a moving object picture. Its picture quality produced can be said great, though its colour tends too soft. Usage of ordinary asperis lens type also unable to assist gets sharp photo result. But beside the insuffiency, EX-V7 comfort enough to used and given complete manual control compared to previous series.

Casio Exilim EX-V7 Short Review
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