Cowon iAudio 7 Reviews: Bigger Capacities, Longer Battery Time.

In Consumer Electronics Show last year in Las Vegas, United States, a lot of people surprised by Cowon iAudio 6. The reason is this gadget is the first digital audio player using made in Toshiba 0,85 inch micro hard drive storage which have 4 GB capacities.

So, in middle of year Cowon returns to launchs its newest generation music player, Cowon iAudio 7. Is this player can make the same astonishment like its predecessor?

Its physical is so similar with iAudio 6. Its size 2,75 x 1,25 x 0,75 inchs. The weights 32 grams lighter than its predecessors because not apply again micro hard drive storage, but memory flash storage. But its capacities two times bigger, which is 8 GB.

Compared to iPod Nano iAudio 7 is three times thicker. But iPod Nano also has wide and length which longer from this player, so that iAudio is seen smaller and still comfort to put into pocket.

Cowon iAudio 7 has 1,3 inchs screen. Unhappily, OLED screen in iAudio 6 is replaced by 260.000 colours LCD screen. Hold button is found on the top, together with some short cut buttons. In left side is available two minijack stereo, one for input line, another one is output for headphone.

Interesting thing which still be owned by this player is Swing Touch interface, like also its predecessor. Whereas iPod has wheel navigation, iAudio 7 applies touch navigation button, alike percent character (%). It’s diagonal bar button applicable to slide above the playlist.

User can shift upward or downwards the playlist by fiddling the bar button upward or downwards. But, user can also roll up the playlist upward or downwards, with pressing upper end or under end the bar button. While Play and Record button is put acrossed, in right-left bar button.

Unhappily, the graphic display is disappointing, so far than other player’s graphic menu, like iPod, iRiver Clix, Samsung Yepp, or Sandisk Sansa. The display menu is like graphic in mid era of 1990.

Besides as a music player, this tiny gadget also pack FM radio feature, photo viewer, voice recorder, line input recorder, and text reader. The gadget can play many music formats, that is MP3, WMA, WAV, and open format like OGG and FLAC, but minus AAC.

Its sound quality is good. User can also tune sound presented, with clicking 5-band EQ, adds clearness with BBE, play heavy sound with Mach3Bass mode, returns harmonic sound which losing when compressed with MP Enhance feature, and adds stereo separation with Surround.

For video with AVI, MPEG4, and Xvid format will be presented in 15 frames per second speed, with resolution quality 160 x 120 pixels. But, this player supplied with good battery.

Possibly, iAudio 7 is three time thicker than iPod Nano. But its battery durability is almost three times longger compared to iPod Nano battery durability. To tune your own music, it can play the music for 41 hours nonstop. While for playing video, this player will can life for 22,6 hours.

With volume setting at level 15 (maximum 40), minimum brightness level, and also audio enhancement feature is turn off, it can play music until 56 hours, comes near to Cowon claim, which said that this player can life until 60 hours.

Cowon iAudio 7 Reviews
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