Creative Zen Vision: M: iPod Video Great Competitor

Looks like iPod? The difference is laying on the front display. iPod touch pad is in circle (in consequence is called as click wheel), while Creative makes it is vertical (and more wide) which felt more comfortable. To explore the menu just use you forefinger from the top downwards, and taps out to choose one of them.

Left and right side of each touch pad functioned as Next/Fast Forward and Anevious/Rewind button. This touch still is flanked by four other controller buttons (Shortcut - can be program by youself, Options, Play/Pause, and Menu/Back) which must be pressed litle strong.

Half up body of Creative Zen Vision: M predominated by 2,5 inch LCD screen. This screen really felt nice in eye. Pictures, including video display are come up sharply and full in screen. For video, Zen Vision: M is not troubles. Many popular formats, for example DiVX and XvID, which able to be recognized it.

Also pleases, the picture can be your background picture (wallpaper). Its method is easy: select your best picture, press Option button, and select Set as Wallpaper. More, you can also set the screen brightness level. Besides walpaper which able to be change by us, Creative provides six colour themes as wallpaper.

The pictures and song it’s also able to made as rating and playlist. To see the picture its available the Thumbnail, List, Detail, and Zoom modus. Picture may be looked while you listening song.

There is one which really special here, namely keyword! Yes, Zen Vision: M figures in the keyword feature (keyword). When I type word “Closer” in its virtual keyboard, and came out the “One Step Closer” from Linkin Park collection on MP3 file which we have in Zen Vision: M.

Besides music/video feature, picture, function of FM radio, voice recorder, and organizer also carriedby Zen Vision: M. and so do the harddisk function, although rather disturbs because we must activate it first, then determines capacities wanted (512MB - 16GB).

Creative Zen Vision: M is really a personal media player bases on harddisk that pleasing eye and ear. No wonder if this player gets “Best of Show and Best Portable Audio & Video” at CES 2006. One factor is less we like is way of battery charged which must pass USB connection and sync adapter. Creative Zen Vision: M is available in Black, white, green, pink, and blue color.

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