Swiss Travel Products World USB Charger (MPC-N1)

This Swiss Travel Products is so special. Its character is universal; so can be use in many countries. This peripheral contains four connector types which according to its producer can be applies in 150 countries.

To release one of the connector; for example 3-legs model which applied in England, just push the big button in body unit while push out one of switch. If we move to Taiwan, pushs the 2-legs connector with hole switch. Or push out no holes 2-legs connector when we use it in Australian. More, in the body has added 12,5AH (can be changed by yourself) fuse to prevent peripheral damage if short circuit happened.

Which more special, fuse head which able to receive fourth of the connector type also able to be released easily, then is changed with head containing a USB port. It is good news to all gadget users; especially MP3 player like iPod ehich usually must charged the battery power via computer USB port connection. When we try it with Kingston K-PEX which usually must be charged via computer USB port connection, Li-On MP4 player battery full loaded during the same time when we charged it via computer USB port.

If you often accros the world by bringing various gadget (notebook, cellphone, portabel speaker, Personal Digital Assistant, MP3 player), you would be safe if bringing Awiss Travel Products World USB Charger. Anywher, as long as the electricity is available, we can safely recharged peripherl battery power which not requires grounding. Nor need to turn on notebook to recharged MP3 player battery. One notes, recharged directly from USB connector only valids for USB product with 5V voltage input.

Price range
Swiss Travel Products World USB Charger (MPC-N1): $31

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