Aleratec 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS: Burn, Baby, Burn

If your company regularly produces scores of CDs and DVDs in-house, Alentec’s mammoth 1:3 DVD/ CD Auto Publisher LS may be just what you need. This 30-pound disc duplicator- which occupies a space equivalent to two desktop PCs-can burn up to 200 disc per job. The machines compelling feature is its robotic arm, which ferries between the spindles and the three stacked Lite-On LH-20IAH drives, all with LightScribe labeling capabilities.

The initial setup can be tricky, but copying data using Aleratec’s software suite is relatively intuitive. The Auto Publisher is basically an external USB duplicator, so you will need a PC with a USB 2.0 port that’s running Windows Vista or XP Pro.

Though the disc-burning process itself is speedy, labeling is where your job will likely slow down. A simple graphics label (with text) can take up to 30 minutes for each disc, so it’s best to leave big jobs running overnight.

The Auto Publisher is a hefty investment, but it can also be a huge time-saver for any business that frequently burns a large number of DVDs and CDs.

Price range
Aleratec 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS: $3,199

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