Lenovo 3000 V200: The ThinkPad’s Budget Sibling

Lenovo has cleverly positioned its latest ultraportable as a more budget-conscious version of the ThinkPad X60 (Vista). To appeal to business users, the V200 offers two compelling features: a built-in DVD burner and a $1,399 starting price. In addition, its standard-voltage processor and Centrino Duo chipset plus 2GB of RAM make the V200 almost as fast as its ThinkPad siblings.

Somewhat heavy for an ultraportable, the V200 weighs in at 4.3 pounds. It boasts a 12- inch widescreen (the X60 has a standard screen). It lacks Lenovo’s TrackPoint pointing stick, but the keyboard is sweet. When it comes to looks, the silver chassis is fairly generic- what’s important is what’s inside.

The 160GB hard drive and DVD burner are nice touches, but Lenovo could have done better with features. There are only two USB ports, and other connectivity options are limited. What it lacks in features, though, the V200 makes up for in performance. It handles multimedia particularly well, turning in impressive scores on the SYSmark 2007 Preview Overall benchmark as well as on our Photoshop and video-encoding tests. The unit’s 56-Wh battery yields decent battery life: It lasted 2 hours 39 minutes on our DVD rundown test.

The lenovo 3000 V200 is an affordable, powerful alternative for those who aren’t ready to spend ThinkPad money but are intent on buying a Lenovo laptop.

Price range
Lenovo 3000 V200: $1,399

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