Creative Aurvana X-Fi Noise-Canceling Headphones: Kill the Noise and Bose

I wasn’t counting on the Aurvana X-Fi headphones to eliminate as much ambient noise as Bose’s excellent Quiet Comfort 2s, but indeed they did. To top it off, these headphones sound much better than the QC2s- and at the same price.

In the lab, both sets significantly reduced noise levels. But on tests for noise reduction without audio coming through the cans, each produced very different results. To my ears, the Creative pair definitely eliminated fewer very high frequencies, resulting in a slight high-frequency hiss. The Quiet Comfort 2s, however, cut out less of the overall frequencies across the board. The end result: Compared with the QC2s, the Creatives sounded quieter, despite the remaining hiss. When it came to blocking out ambient noise, the result was basically a draw.

The Aurvanas incorporate Creative’s X-Fi Crystallizer technology, which essentially boosts lows and highs to create a fuller, crisper sound. On my test, the headphones sounded much better with this setting on. Additionally, while the Aurvanas offer a fairly muffled sound in passive mode, the Bose model doesn’t even have a passive mode. On top of that, thanks to an extra battery and an on-set volume switch, the Aurvanas are much more powerful than theQC2s.

While Creative isn’t necessarily a name I equate with audio excellence, there’s no denying that these headphones are fun to listen to, and they’re much more dynamic than the Bose QC2s.

Price range
Creative Aurvana X-Fi Noise-Canceling Headphones: $299.99

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