Seagate FreeAgent Go: Spacious Mobile Storage

Seagate’s FreeAgent external hard drive family includes colossi like the FreeAgent Pro 750GB. At the other extreme is the 160GB Seagate FreeAgent Go. This is a pocketable drive that lets you easily transport and sync data between your home and work computers.

To that end, the FreeAgent Go comes with two helpful utilities: Seagate’s FreeAgent Tools for document syncing, and Ceedo with Argo Application Installer 2.0 for application launching and portability. FreeAgent Tools can be set to back up your folders automatically. You can sync My Documents to your work computer, then bring the drive home and sync it with your home PC. Although the FreeAgent Go will work with Macs,you’ll have to reformat the drive. And the FreeAgent utilities and Ceedo aren’t Mac-compatible.

The FreeAgent Go is fairly fast, taking 5.3 seconds to transfer our l.2GB test folder and 54 seconds to back up the same folder with FreeAgent Sync. At $1 per GB, the FreeAgent Go’s cost is good, though not outstanding. When it comes to cost, speed, and convenience in syncing files, though, the FreeAgent Go is well worth the attention of Windows users.

Price range
Seagate FreeAgent Go: $160

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