ThinkPad T61: Learn from Nature

Nature teachs many things to human, and Lenovo applies one of those when designing their newest notebook, ThinkPad T61. Its LCD prop covers is intentionally designed in hexagin form, similar like bee hive. Design so-called Top Cover Roller Cage is believed increasesing LCD performance and lessens the damage risk of screen display structure.

Safety is becomes the main focus of this notebook which segmented for professional. Besides casing, it’s also seen from data protection mechanism in harddisk. Besides using anti-shake harddisk, there is an Active Protection System which functioning likes airbag at car. Every time detecting unexpected movement, this system would automatically stop the harddisk activity so your data will protect from damage.

This Lenovo newest Notebook is also cooler from its previous series because usage of more efficient thermal management cooling. This system reduces the temperature until 10% and lessens sound level until 3 decibel. No wonder if ThinkPad T61 called as quiet and coolest ThinkPad from all ThinkPad series.

ThinkPad T61 is pertained as Santa Rosa generation notebook because using socket P processor (Intel T7100, T7300, T7500, and T7700). The price of this notebook varies depends on the configuration, with base price around US$ 1399.

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