HTC TOUCH Review: Another Touch Screen Phone

Revolutionary product; so iPhone often called. One of reason of why iPhone unique is the touch screens which not only response touch, but also movement. For exampke, when doing zoom-in, we just move our thumb and forefinger with go away movement.

But “press and shift” input concept actually isn’t haved by iPhone. HTC also released similar product which called Touch. In this device, the touch feature is named TouchFLO; applied as application launcher from main screen. Its usage is easy: with thumb, press- shift the touch screen from under upward (or upper downwards) until windows laucher is open. Decided your wanted application to available icon; hereinafter we ready to implement the aplication with only “press” the icon. Maybe you will need little time to practice your pressure to touch screen surface. Of course we still can apply stylus to implement the application as usual.

Slim and tiny dimension makes this gadget easy enough to control with one hand only. Black colour and rubber casing plus silver metal line which encircling body edge make HTC Touch is seen elegan and comfort in grab. Its appearance can be said simple: there is no button besides two buttons in slight line form which functioning for Call and End Call. To make a call, just press the Call button on the screen left under, then “pres” the call number. Call can be ended with pressing End in screen, or the End Call button on the screen right under.

2 megapixel cameras pertained standard. The Setting is sufficient, but not enough assisting to increase the result at photo and video in under light condition. Maybe will be helping if HTC gives addition lamp. Existence of mirror is facilitates ownself photograph. The camera button in right corner under maybe not comfortable when we make a picture on portrait position; but not problem on landscape position.

Windows Mobile 6 operating system which more reliable and save more power promises better device performance. Even has not supported 3G, existence of Bluetooth and WiFi is enough fulfilling your connectivity requirement.

We can say as the existing smallest PDA phone, HTC TOUCH is ready to be conceived of iPhone competitor. The operating system which already use Windows Mobile 6 has becomes other fascination.

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