Sennheiser MXL 70VC Sport: Sporty and Stylist Headset

Listens favorite song while does the activity of course felt pleases. Particularly if supported with audio peripheral which capable to produce good quality sound. Sennheiser which has been recognized class audio product producer presents MXL 70VC which included in sport line. Handy design to support outdoor activity is seen more dazzling with young green colour domination. Its cable patching with string which can be garlanded, so can’t be fallen down. At the string is added very useful volume control which looking likes liontin.

I’m so please with Noedymium speaker which is planted in MXL 70VC. Music played is clear and steady. Listens favorite song through personal music player become more pleasing. The cable felt short? Don't worry; its available addition cable to add its reach.

Actually the plastic earphone is comforts enough when applies, but its size felt bigger than the usual. This factor makes MXL 70VC compatible for you which having big ear, but possibly becomes problem for small ear people. As appendix, at sale package is available beautiful wallet, nipper clip and adapter for easier usage in ear.

MXL 70VC quality still showing fine quality, the typical of Sennheiser product. More sporty design makes it also functioning as accessories. This sporty eaphone is a good choice to enjoy your favorite song.

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