Logitech Z-10: Loud and Clear

Logitech Z-10 comes up difference with fascinating image in speaker 2.1 class. Luxurious designs with gleams black colour domination in harmony with touch sensor technology which have never be found on other conventional speaker.

Elegant side at Z-10 looks nice at its speaker which having touch sensor feature. Unnecessary touch it so hard, because the sensitive button makes soft touch its enough to activating it. Which makes it more elegant is the LCD feature which can present clock, e-mail to RAM and processor status which so attractive. Moreover, song title and name of artist also can be presented at this LCD through information from PC.

When I try listens to music, sound produced is great and loud. Both satellites can produce bass and treble sound which merges so lovely when playing the music. So do at looking on film, sound at the speaker heard so realistic and makes situation to become life.

Presence of Logitech Z-10 can give sound quality so realistic and loud. By using touch sensor technology and 3 line matrix LCD feature makes this audio peripheral impressed is luxuriant and extravagance. This speaker will match with your high-end PC.

Logitech Z-10 Short Review
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