Asus G1S Review: Notebook for Gamer

Asus G1S
Processor performance and graphic card from notebook which increasingly better is generates notebook which addresed for gamer. One of them is is Asus G1S, the 15,4 inchs notebook is equipped by middle class graphic card from nVidia, GeForce 8600M GT. This graphic card also supported DirectX 10, so supports all features which Vista offers.

Because trying to please the gamer, Asus tries coming perfect in the sound side. To generate surprise sound sensation, GS1 has speaker in left side, right, and under the notebook. This configuration successfully makes sound produced is powerfull enough, though still felt lack of bass touch. While for picture quality, can be said G1S is one of the best. Its viewing angle is wide in horizontal and vertical side, so the colour and sharpness remain to be great if seen from various sides.

For G1S feature, this notebook must reside in the upper line. Its optic peripheral already HD-DVD, and equipped with HDMI audio-video connector. Other unique feature and we have never meets in other notebook is external SATA (eSATA) connector. eSATA theoretically can stream the data until 300MB/second, so can become interesting alternative if you frequently did back-up to external harddisk.

One bad side of this notebook is the location of USB port. Fourth port is placed in backside, rather complicates to use though USB flash disc is routine activity that is often we do. This Notebook has weight 3,1 kgs, so don’t hope can bring it travels comfortably.

This notebook looks so classy. Usage of shiny black carbon fiber makes it impressed gallant. Moreover Asus cleverly combine it with light green colour (as at button and panel rear camera), makes this notebook seen more stylish. The smooth gleam surfaces is nor too susceptible of fingerprint, so seen clean though do we often touch it. We also like the keyboard, mainly because every buttonis separate in big distance and felt deep.

Though addressed as gaming notebook, Asus GS1 basically is compatible for all man who is wishing class notebook. Not only from performance side, but Asus GS1 is also seen stylish from appearance side. Moreover the feature figured can be said complete, starts from HDMI, eSATA, until HD-DVD; a feature combination which we have never meets in other notebook. That explains why the price reachs $ 2099.

Asus G1S Review
Price Range: #2099

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