BenQ Joybook S41 Reviews: Another Santa Rosa Notebook

BenQ Joybook S41
After seeing it, no wonder if this notebook get red dot Design Award as one of product with innovative design. One of the key is purple circle pattern in the notebook cover. Seen to be ordinary, but the pattern actually “patched” with special technology called Laminated Color Metal Technology. This covers not only has an unique design, but also strong because used material from magnesium mixture.

As a 14,1 inchs notebook, BenQ S41 comes up special in graphic card side because using GeForce 8600M GS. This graphic card has full supported of DirectX 10 so suitable to Windows Vista requirement. GeForce 8600M GS has graphic clock speed 1,2GHz and memory speed 600Hz, so even can play a heavy-weight game. Unhappily this notebook only supplied by processor Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 (1,8 GHZ), or the lower processor in Santa Rosa processor line. So if it compared to 14,1 inchs notebook from other brand, BenQ S41 seen defeated.

In general the usage test of this notebook is satisfies. Big size keyboard and deep felt when depressed makes typing process felt comfort. We also like the touchpad area which made harsh, makes it responsive when applied. Become one touchpad button for a moment feel so odd, but we successfully adapted with easily. As usual, the screen quality of BenQ notebook seen special, with high brightness so remain to be pleasing when applied to look on Pirates of Carribean film which presenting a lot of dark setting.

Besides HDMI, feature given by this 2,4 kgs notebook is pertained equivalent with other notebook, like WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, card reader, and DVD Writer. But there are one thing that needs to be noted is its WiFi feature supporting Draft-N standard. So its wireless ability pertained fast, that is around 2,4MB/second when transferring different data in our lab floor.

There is not many class 14,1 inchs notebook having independent graphic card like BenQ S41. So, it gaming and multimedia ferformance more special is compared to other one class notebook. This Notebook undeniably is only applies Intel T7100, but powerful enough to implement even a heavy-weight application. With the price only around $ 1149 (without operating system), BenQ S41 is good choice.

BenQ Joybook S41 Reviews
Price Range: $1100 - $1150

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