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If you are a traveller which need some books as friend on the way, maybe electronic book reader device is the right choice. Its unnecessary again load your shoulder bag with a heap of novel or booklet. Newest electronic book( e-book) reader is introduced by The name is Kindle, it can save 200 books at the same time in its internal memory.

Jeff Bezos, boss and Chief Executive Officer, knew for sure there is not many ways to read electronic book. ”Many e-book reader devices has dead,” he said in Kindle acquaintanceship event in New York. But, Bezos affirms, Kindle differs from conspecific device before.

Amazon spend three years to design the device. Its design is simple and comfort to held compared to other device. What is very significant is Kindle facilitates user to go shopping and buys book without requiring computer. This device connected to high-speed wireless data network (EV-DO) from Sprint seluler operator. Wireless delivery is included in the book bought price.

If compared to Sony Reader product which launched last year, Kindle dimension is thicker and bigger. Kindle has similar size with paperback book. Kindle Weight is around 292 grams. The Sony Reader price also cheaper, that is $300 (Kindle price is $399). But Sony Reader don’t have Internet connection and its internal memory is 192 MB only.

Other plus point of Amazon is outsold number of book collections. There is around 90 thousand book. Among others is 90 percent of all in demand book title which has published. Meanwhile, Sony provides 20.000 books only. For one PDF files which sent to Kindle, cost $ 10 cents, while to see PDF file, Sony give it free.

If wish to buy a book, Amazon has not reached price agreement with publisher. But, according to some executives, publication price of electronic version of a thick book which the selling price $ 27 is $ 20. E-book retail price for book at the price of $ 20 is $ 10. If Amazon dare to sell one e-book at the price of $ 9,99, they will not get profit.

Kindle also provides download service and displaying of newspaper, magazine, and blog. To subscribe ”The New York Times”, for example, cost $ 13,99 per month or $ 9,99 per month for ”The Wall Street Journal”. There is around 300 blog available in Kindle service, including Slashdot, The Onon, BoingBoing, and Techcrunch. One blog is cost around US$ 1 per month.

More plus point of Kindle compared to Reader is its easy to read black and white screen in bright room because reflecting light. This device also consumes few powers and produces low temperature because there is no backlight at screen. Kindle applies electronic ink technology from E-Ink, a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

Kindle insuffiency is less elegant design though ergonomist. The content price is also can be said expensive. Black and white screen is good to book, but not interesting for web content. Also unavailable real web browser for exploring the Internet which more comfortly.

Amazon Kindle Reviews
Price range: #399

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