Sony HDMS-S1D Reviews: Black Box Photo Album

Which one is your choice: a heap of king sized photo album requiring many spaces when kept or a small box which able to save thousands of photo at the same time display it with only moves finger?

First method of course is still usually done by many people. But now you can remove your photo collection into digital photo album which available in the market. One of the photo albums is HDMS-S1D made in Sony, electronic factory of Japan.

HDMS-S1D is having 80GB storage capacities. For your info, with those capacities it can save 50.000 high resolution photos.

The digital album is not only functioning as a deposit device. A number of interesting features is also planted in its body.

This album equipped by x-Application feature, what makes user can display photo, edits, rotates, deletes, and compiles the photo in slide show. For all job not required computer application like Photoshop.

To make slide show special, Sony provides x-Pict Story HD feature. Slide show can be displayed by background music from 30 tracks which provided (can also adds 5 track personal collection from compact disk or DVD). Photo transition is able to design with your personal style.
HDMS-S1D can connect directly to printer device. User can print photo or scrapbook page directly from album.

HDMS-S1D digital album is also equipped by x-ScrapBook feature and face recognition technology to detect face at photo collection. Slide show transition even can be done based on the face location.

With that entire feature, photos can be grouped based on special categorys, for example children photo or special event photo, like party and vacation.

User may directly import the photo from flash memory card, compact disk, DVD, USB network, or ethernet network.

After saved, the photo controlled and managed through remote control or device interface. You can sort it based on date, event, or classify into around 3000 album models provided. When other family member wish to copy the photo which they see in television display, user may directly choose and copy it directly to CD, DVD, or flash memory card.

Gina Hughes from Yahoo! Tech said the digital album made in Sony basically is a server but in mini size. But, according to her, will be better if Sony adds its internal memory capacity to 300 GB or more, though have been also provided slot for external memory card.

The photo collection can be displayed to High Definition Television or HDTV through High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port, audio/video connector which transmitting uncompressed digital enskripsi stream.

Because the dimension is big enough and cannot be grabbed with one hand, HDMS-S1D cannot be brought easily. Moreover this digital album do not have display screen as other portable digital photo storage.

HDMS-S1D has been available in or in other shop and Sony official distributor.

Sony HDMS-S1D Reviews
Price range: $ 400

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Blogger Phil said ... (19 maj 2008 në 11:17 e paradites) : 

there's a website that does something similar to what this thing does. they call it video photo albums. they basically put your photos on a dvd.


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