SGH F500 Reviews: Samsung Two Faces

samsung SGH F500
The two faces merger at one black body. Its underside can be cut in half and twist. Its pack is also interesting, because also functioning as backup battery. So, Samsung SGH F500 present in cell phone market as the unique one.

SGH F500 present with two screens in its body. The first screen is have small size, 1,5 inchs, what is functioning as phonecall monitor and other menus, like short message, browsing Internet, photo data store, song, and video.

The second screen is has wider size, 2,4 inchs. In this screen can be seen video record, photo, and digital format songs, with good resolution. In this part also has camera menu and camcoder.

Both screen is related one another. When you wish to access photo file, song, and video, the phone will command screen switchover. And so do when you want to organize data and documents in big screen, phone will ask switchover to small screen.

This switchover controlled by a small shift knob in handset side. This mini knob is also functioning as key pad lock.

This two screen model is also adopted by SGH F300 which labeled Ultra Music. Both are the variant from Ultra series which had entered the market since past year-end.

Because called as Ultra Video, video is one of the special features in this handset. SGH F500 has adopted DivX file player, a kind of codec which able to compress long video duration to be small size, but its visual quality still great.

Other unique feature of this 10,7 milimeters width phone is its double battery. First battery is built-in in handset, while second battery is tidy in the skin case form which able to uses and released.

Keypad part to operate the small screen is having same colour with handset body and accompanied by navigation buttons, cancel button, caller ID, end call, and Internet shortcut button.

While for keypad to operate wider screen is uses the combination of touch technology and vertical and horizontal sweep for its navigation.

Both keypads are back each other at one form which able to be split and having axis at one point in corner (swivel design). Its purpose as a prop so the phone remains to standing when put down in flat place when looking on video.

In handset sides part equipped with volume buttons, battery charge and handsfree port, camera shutter, and camcoder, besides screen switchover knob.

But, even unique and attractive, this cellphone still have weak point. One of them is the first 1,5 inch screen. This LCD Screen is too small to accomodate various menus. Except photo access, song, and video, all SGH F500 function of course is focused in the mini screen.

When typing call number which presented in the form of writing pen animation in color screen may become plus point. But, if playing game feature, ouch, your eye can hurts, because its undersize display. Articles in this game feature also must be seen with magnifying glass. This mini screen also becomes separate spraging when accessing the Internet.

Samsung SGH F500 Reviews

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