DiplyTalk ICR-PS390RM: Biggest Storage Voice Recorder

For journalist is working a long reportage, help from a good tape recorder is so needed. The device at least can keep interview record with many people and also journalist own voice before types the report. This made in Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. device maybe would be the most wanted journalist gadget.

DiplyTalk ICR-PS390RM is a digital voice recorder which having flash memory with 8GB capacities. Sanyo claims DiplyTalk as longest duration mini portable voice recorder in the world. For your info, 1.116 hours duration of MP3 mono audio format can be kept by DiplyTalk ICR-PS390RM, while PCM stereo audio format can be recorded along 12 hours.

With dimension 34,2 x 119,7 x 13 milimeters and weight 49 grams, DiplyTalk is comfort to grabbed. This gadget applies one Alkaline AAA battery power. The battery age can be reach 8,5 hours to records PCM stereo audio or 19 hours to record MP3 (stereo SP). It’s also provided a hole to install tripod, to help you holds DiplyTalk for hours recording.

For security aspect, DiplyTalk provides PIN number feature which able to be set to limit record play. Its media storage is also can be partition become two drives, each having 4 GB capacities. There is also available Trash feature to save deleted files. So, file can be reopened if any times needed.

Meanwhile, other Japan electronic giant, Sony, also releases digital audio recorder model ICD-UX80 with 2GB memory capacities and ICD-UX70 with 1 GB storage capacities. UX80 came in two colours: pink and black, while UX70 is having silver colour. Sony claims UX80 can record audio for 581 hours duration.

DiplyTalk ICR-PS390RM Short Review
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