Fuji Finepix F40FD: A Camera Not Shy of Faces

Fuji's latest point-and-shoots sport a slimmed-down stylish body, support for SD cards, and some compelling features. The 8.3-megapixel FinePix F40fd produced decent images and performed well. Even so, there's still room for improvement.

One of the FinePix's features that I really like is relatively new to Fuji: face detection. With this function enabled, the camera will make people's faces the focus of each shot, rather than simply focusing on the center of the frame. I found this ability to be pretty accurate.

In the labs, there was a slight veil of grain throughout my test shots, although color saturation and accuracy were superb. Overall, however, images were well exposed and pretty sharp. Flash coverage was fairly decent and even. Video quality was quite good as well, with rich and vibrant colors and smooth playback.

The F40fd performed well on my lab tests, achieving an average resolution of 1,800 lines, which is on target for an 8MP camera. I was very happy to see that there was absolutely no shutter lag either.

Though the Finepix F40fd is a "fine" camera, and the company's adoption of the SD memory card formats adds to its appeal, there are better models available for the same price.
Fuji Finepix F40FD: $299


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