Asus Xonar U1 Review: UFO Sound Card

Asus Xonar U1
If Asus name called in front of computer geek and gamers, they surely will be considered at notebook, motherboard, or VGA graphic card. The reason is the Taiwan Company is known as notebook for gamer producer: G1 and G2 and various PC components.

Name of Asus have never been met at sound-card for PC. But now Asus launchs their new line of sound card, with Xonar sub-brand.

Asus not only wish to present multimedia experience in great visualisation, but also wish to present it in high quality audio. One of sound card product released by Asus is Xonar U1, external sound card which suited for notebook.

The design is simple, stylish, and alike mini UFO or overturn flowerpot. This peripheral is so portable and easy to plug in/plug out because connected to computer through USB cable. Besides for notebook, this sound card is also applicable for desktop computer.

According to Asus, with this gadget a notebook can produced crunchy sound without annoyed by noise. It can eliminate electromagnet interference and noise, which typically produced by an electronic network in computer chassis.

The gamer will be satisfied because Xonar U1 can apply EAX technology and DirectSound for computer which having Windows Vista platform. With other sound card, usually the gamer will lose surround sound from played game because EAX feature will missing in Vista. But, that problem can be overcome by Xonar U1.

By this gadget, user can also change its notebook becomes Home theater personal computer because it can present Dolby 5.1 canals through S/PDIF (Sony Panasonic Digital Interconnect Format) output.

With only connects the computer or laptop and Xonar U1 to home cinema system, user can enjoy PC game or film by 5.1 canals original sound or even with improvement of audio quality to 6.1 or 7.1 canals by Dolby Prologic IIx.

Besides, Dolby Headphone feature will give 3D sound experience although only through headphone. From any kind headphone brand, when play game, for example, user can listen simbal tingkling which likely heard from frontside, applause sound from backside.

Besides amplifier headphone which sophisticated designed, microphone technology provided along with the sound card is designed to accentuate noise sound in around user, what go beyond 20 decibels. Hence sound from microphone can be heard clear although resides in noisy area, suited for VoIP application (Skype MSN, Google) or online game.

Asus Xonar U1 Review
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