HP TouchSmart IQ775 PC Review: Family Computer in Kitchen

HP TouchSmart IQ775
Hewlett-Packard (HP) seems keeps spirits up in the effort to extending their personal computer (PC) market. Newest, HP offers PC for family which placed in family room or kitchen. Newest model of this PC type is HP TouchSmart IQ775 PC.

HP TouchSmart IQ775 PC carries desktop computer concept as family information center. One of the features is video message recorder, what enables one of family member to record video message to be looked by other family member. Besides, there is access for all information by only touch at its 19 inchs LCD screen.

Yes, this computer already equipped with touch screen interface. SmartCenter special software, what enables Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, operated with touch screen. SmartCalender program, which is part of SmartCenter, enables user to manage daily schedule and leaves voice or video message.

As family computer, HP IQ775, which powered by AMD Turion Dual-Core TL-58 1,9 gigahertz processor, also provides entertainment feature, wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi, and NTSC TV tuner to record and watch your favorite tv program.

HP TouchSmart IQ775 PC designed to facilitate computing and entertain, which enables consumer and all family members having a personal and interactive computing experience.

HP TouchSmart IQ775 PC has SATA 500 GB harddisk, 2GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 graphic card, Super-Multi DVD Burner with Lightscribe technology, Ethernet 100-BaseT, HP WebCam 1,3 megapixel, card reader 8 in 1, USB 2.0 slot, and FireWire slot. For now, this computer only available in United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand with retail price around $ 1599.

HP TouchSmart IQ775 PC Reviews
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