CTL 220UW Review: Plain Looks, Dazzling Picture

Are you searching for a great-looking monitor or a monitor with great picture quality? If the latter is paramount, the CTL 220UW may fill the bill. This 22-Inch, 1,680-by-1,050 widescreen LCD won’t win any points for stylishness. It’s more expensive than much of its competition, and its maneuverability is severely limited, but the on-screen view is sweet.

The 220UW’s enclosure is nondescript. Its base can be tilted forward and backward but lacks height, swivel, and pivot adjustment. The embedded speakers can handle only low volumes without distortion. But the digital input is HDCP-compliant, so you’ll be able to view copy-protected HD movies. All necessary cables for the 220UW’s audio jack and DVI and analog inputs are included in the packaging.

This LCD has a wide viewing angle. In testing, it did well when displaying dark grays, though light grays looked white. Color quality was quite good, with no evidence of tinting. The panel easily displayed small fonts. Movies looked splendid, and games were free of significant stutter or ghosting,

Along with performance, another strong point is the 220UW’s warranty: You get three years on parts and labor, whereas many vendors offer only one. If you don’t care about snazzy looks or extra features, the 220UW is a good choice for a home or small office. This ugly duckling is really a swan in disguise.

CTL 220UW Short Review
Price range: $375.70

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