Xerox Phaser 8860 Color Printer Review: A $2,500 Bargain Color Laser

Phaser 8860
Most of us are familiar with the business model of printers: Practically give away the printer itself, and then make a killing selling the ink. With its Phaser 8860 Color Printer, Xerox has turned that model on its head. The color printer itself cost $2,500, but Xerox is just about giving the ink away with its very low cost per page. If your business prints a lot in color, this laser-class, solid-ink printer will more than pay for itself within a few years.

Xerox claims a 3.2-cent cost per page (based on the ISO/IEC standard) for color with the 8860. Few color printers even break the 10-cent mark. The next-lowest claim among color lasers I’ve tested is 8.7 cents per page for the Konica Minolta magicolor 5570. That’s a minimum savings of 5.5 cents per page with the 8860, which would pay for itself in three years should you print 1.275 color pages per month. The 8860’s 1.7 cents per monochrome page is also very attractive.

The 8860’s rated print speed is 30 pages per minute (ppm) for both monochrome and color at its top speed, and 16 ppm for both in default (enhanced) mode. This is a little slow for the price-though it’s tempting to quip that you could use the extra waiting time to calculate your cost saving. In absolute terms, though, the 8860 is none too slouchy. On our tests, it turned in reasonable times in default mode.

Text is a touch below typical laser quality, though fine for most uses. The text’s clean, crisp edges give it a professional look. A few small or stylized fonts suffered on our tests, but most were easily readable at 6 points, and some at 4. Graphics are better than I usually see from lasers, despite some graininess. They’re fine for in-house use, as well as mailings and simple brochures. Photo quality is typical of lasers.

Equipped with a standard 525-sheet drawer, a 100-sheet multipurpose tray, and a duplexer, the 8860 does well at paper handling. You can also add two more 525-sheet drawers ($400 each) for a maximum capacity of 1,675 pages.

Even if it were a mediocre printer, the operating cost savings alone would make the Phaser 8860 well worth considering. Adding In the strong output quality, ample paper handling, and acceptable speed should be enough to convince you to Ink the deal.

Xerox Phaser 8860 Color Printer Review
Price range: $2,500 street

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Anonymous Xerox Phaser Printers said ... (22 shkurt 2009 në 1:08 e pasdites) : 

I heard this Xerox phaser was amazing im thinking of buying it for my kids.

They have so many projects and they print a lot if its not essays then its huge projects that need pictures, text, and captions etc.

Do you think it would be a good investment in this case? If we're printing out at least 7 pages a day?

I need a super efficient printer that can handle that amount of printing. I know black and white Xerox's that can handle this but im not sure about color ones. what do you think?


Anonymous Printers Reviewed said ... (18 mars 2009 në 5:57 e paradites) : 

Nice review. I think that as printers and photocopiers become more and more advanced it becomes a lot harder to decide on which printer to buy with what features. Do we need colour? If so, laser or inkjet? Is speed important and how can we be sure that a product does what it says on the box? Do we need a mono laser printer, a colour laser printer, or A3 colour printers?

All of these questions can leave us exhausted not to mention fair game for prowling sales personnel trying to make their monthly bonus by selling us an eighteen foot commercial reprographics printer, when all we want to do is print a couple of letters and maybe a CV.
We go to pc world or staples and ask the assistant who quite often doesn't know a printer from a mincer. Those who are most likely to know are on a bench behind that glass barrier at the back of the store. But they are less approachable than the floor assistant who appears to spend the day working out the best way to avoid you.

Well, if you are in the market for a printer and you’re fed up with amazing claims that makes every printer sound the best, all of this is changing with a new website I found featuring the latest printer reviews with a difference. Printers will be regularly tested rigorously with a normal user in mind. With the things that annoy all of us about machines clearly pointed out where they are noticed.


Anonymous laserjet 2500 said ... (10 tetor 2009 në 7:15 e paradites) : 

The HP2500 is a colour laser printer which replaced the ageing HP4500 machine and was aimed to put HP back into the colour printing market. The user has to purchase 4 colour cartridges + 1 OPC Kit to operate this printer.


Blogger defender2 said ... (14 tetor 2009 në 5:17 e pasdites) : 

This printer is a piece of ####. We had it serviced while it was under warranty three times they replaced every board in that machine. The week after the warranty ran out it turned into a paper weight.


Anonymous Office Paper said ... (12 nëntor 2009 në 7:26 e paradites) : 

I work for a small business that primarily sells business supply. WE also carry Xerox Phaser Printers. I have to say this printer is really good. It prints good amount of office paper in a reasonably short period of time. I'd recommend it as well.


Anonymous Printers said ... (30 dhjetor 2009 në 3:06 e pasdites) : 

Yes, I do manufacturer strategy on printers and I am surprised to hear that Xerox is different with this printer. 3.2 cents is really low. I think I'll look for more reviews nad then maybe buy it.


Anonymous Anonim said ... (31 mars 2010 në 3:05 e pasdites) : 

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Anonymous Savings Coupon Codes . Com said ... (31 mars 2010 në 3:07 e pasdites) : 

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Anonymous James said ... (17 qershor 2010 në 4:01 e paradites) : 

Blogs dealing with printer are plenty in numbers but your work definitely stands out. The way you have written about the Xerox Phaser 8860 Color Printer and other aspects related to it, is really commendable. I was pleasantly surprised to find all of this information about Xerox Phaser 8860 Color Printer on your blog. I would definitely read and recommend others to check this blog out for information.


Anonymous Lexmark Toner Cartridges said ... (20 korrik 2010 në 7:53 e pasdites) : 

Hi! Great review. Thanks for sharing this. I'll consider this Xerox printer to replace my old one.


Anonymous printer drivers said ... (25 korrik 2010 në 6:11 e paradites) : 

Wow. price is high.


Blogger Jessica said ... (14 shtator 2010 në 2:24 e paradites) : 

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Anonymous Joe said ... (10 nëntor 2010 në 12:42 e pasdites) : 

I work for an online retailer as well, and even I am amazed at the cost of some of these printers, but what can you do? I do like the innovative idea of ink sticks however.
xerox phaser 8860


Anonymous Xerox said ... (27 dhjetor 2010 në 7:07 e pasdites) : 

Thanks for sharing such informative post. I have been doing a research on Xerox and this helped me a lot. Thanks again!


Anonymous toner cartridges said ... (3 shkurt 2011 në 11:14 e pasdites) : 

Thanks for sharing! I have always been looking for the best printers and toner cartridges that I can use and this post helped me a lot.


Blogger Lindasy Rosenwald said ... (19 prill 2011 në 8:10 e paradites) : 

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Anonymous Print Dude said ... (17 maj 2011 në 12:45 e pasdites) : 

Solid ink printers have a downside since it uses a crayon type wax. The prints can flake off or bleed when the temp is too high.


Blogger print head said ... (21 qershor 2012 në 1:48 e pasdites) : 

Great post...thanks for the reminder to blog about the everyday things that people want to read. Very well informed and described. Great to read and know more about such kind of stuff.

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Blogger Sweet Fairy said ... (28 dhjetor 2012 në 10:39 e pasdites) : 

Great post. Can i use any laser printer for Plastic card printing purpose?


Blogger Nadia Yaseen said ... (7 janar 2013 në 10:17 e pasdites) : 

Informative and comprehensive post.Its feature are super.your method of describing is very good and effective.IS this printer best for Plastic business card printing?


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