Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Review: Ultra-Mobile PC, with a Twist

Handheld PCs will dominate the world-but not any time soon. Yet Fujitsu is moving in the right direction with its 1.5-pound LifeBook U810, a bargain for an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).

The U810 has a neat twist: Its screen rotates 180 degrees like a convertible tablet. At 6 by 6.7 by 1 inches (HWD) it’s a bit large, but that permits a relatively spacious 5.6-inch screen. The small laptop keyboard provides the best typing experience of the crop,

The feature set is solid, including SD and CompactFlash readers, one USB 2.0 port, a fingerprint reader, a webcam, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability. Still, the U810 has limitations. While I had no problem uploading photos, encoding video took forever. I would like to see a backlit keyboard on the U810 (finding the minuscule keys is hard enough even in broad daylight). Also, the U810 lacks an integrated WWAN (EV-DO or EDGE), which the OQO, Sony UX and Vulcan FlipStart all have.

The U810 has a 40GB hard drive. Its 800-MHz Intel processor and 1GB of RAM are sufficient. These low-powered components let the four-cell battery sticking out of the back of the unit crank out a decent 3 hours 13 minutes of battery life. Fujitsu is a big player in Japanese UMPCs, and thanks to an attractive price, it should make a splash in the U.S as well.

Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Review
Specs: 800-MHz Intel A110 processor; 1GB DDR2 SDRAM; 40GB, 4200-rpm hard drive; 224MB Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950; 5.6-inch, 1,024-by- 600 screen; 1.5 pound system weight (2.4-pound travel weight), Window Vista Basic.
Price Range: $999

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