LG Flatron L206WU Review: LCD Plays Well with Others

LG Flatron L206WU
Multiple-monitor setups offer a lot of exciting possibilities, but they can be tricky to hookup. The LG Flatron L206WU simplifies the process, delivering high-resolution (up to 1,680-by-1,050) imagery via a USB connection.

This stylish monitor offers a lot of flexibility in both its design and uses. The round base swivels, and the panel can rotate into portrait mode. Five function buttons allow a range of options, including three viewing modes.

The L206WU can serve as your primary display, but its USB hookup is what makes it stand out. The unit contains an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) that interprets compressed graphics data sent from DisplayLink’s virtual graphics card software on your PC. According to LG, an 8MB flash drive embedded in the unit should automatically install the software on your computer, though I had trouble with my review model.

Performance results were mixed. The L206WU did well with small fonts and color quality but fell short on light-gray reproduction. Also, weak bottom viewing angles became a major issue in portrait mode. As a standalone monitor, the unit stood out for its exceptional 2-millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response. But as a secondary monitor it had a few problems, including a slight lag.

If you want to move to a multiple-monitor set up, the LG L206WU is definitely worth a look.

LG Flatron L206WU Review
Price range: $350 list
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