ASUS HDTV-SUITE HDMI Review: Computer Monitor become HDTV

Wish to watch high definition television (HDTV), but you don’t have plasma TV or HDTV? ASUS gives the solution. It’s a device which able to change standard resolution computer monitor becomes HDTV device with maximum resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels. The peripheral called ASUS HDTV-Suite HDMI.

Just launched by ASUSTek Computer Inc, HDTV-SUITE HDMI is standalone TV box. In this mini CPU measuring box consists in a high definition TV machine with consumer electronics quality. To ascertain picture yielded is extraordinary, this TV machine applies various modern technology, among others is Advanced 3D Comb, Flash Tone Correction, Dynamic Deblocking, and Dynamic Anti-flicker Brightness Adjustment.

The user is just need to connecting this box with the computer monitor. Is not required any software installation. Acceptable monitor is 15 inches size and above or having resolution start from 1024 x 768 pixels. Not only becomes full HDTV device, monitor which connected with this box can become a multimedia center without having to turns on its CPU.

Before, video quality played around from computer is far from TV quality. That thing is because most computers doesn’t have picture processing unit that is usually found in TV device. But the limitation can be overcome with ASUS Splendid Intelligence technology. This technology can assist data analysis from various media and spectrum color that is visible by man eye, so that can create more motivated picture and color, seen so real, and life.

HDTV-SUITE HDMI also able to be connected to PS3, PS2, Xbox360, Xbox, or Wii, even with Blu-ray new generation DVD player. This box also has modern sketch form with touch sensitive control panel. So it is not only functional, but also pays attention to esthetics aspect.

Picture-in-Picture function enables user to do Internet browsing and looks on TV or play game at the same time. Moreover, user also able to enjoy total entertainment comfort pleasure with remote control and on screen display which can changes channel, chooses source input, and choice menu without having to leaves sofa.

HDTV-SUITE HDMI provides various input port, like HDMI, DVI/VGA, Line-in, VHF/UHF, S-VIDEO, composite video, and YPbPr. While for its output port; for example HDMI, DVI/VGA, and Line-out (for earphone or loudspeaker).

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Comments on "ASUS HDTV-SUITE HDMI Review: Computer Monitor become HDTV"


Blogger Gargantula said ... (1 maj 2008 në 10:35 e paradites) : 

This looks great to use on a high quality CRT monitor! The "review" sounded like a press release to me. Where can I buy it and how much is it?


Anonymous Anonim said ... (1 gusht 2008 në 3:57 e pasdites) : 

Most of these websites say it was released on February 18th 2008, but where can I buy one?!?!? I would really love this!


Anonymous best buy aplliances said ... (31 gusht 2010 në 10:43 e pasdites) : 

Wow I would love to have this device with me at home. I don't have to buy and HDTV by then.


Anonymous hdmi hdtv to vga hd15 3 rca converter adapter cable said ... (23 shtator 2011 në 12:59 e paradites) : 

It's good news about HDTV-SUITE Thanks for good information.


Anonymous cable hdmi said ... (17 nëntor 2011 në 7:53 e paradites) : 

good news about HDTV-SUITE Thanks for good information.


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