Philips Prestigo SRM7500 Review: Control Your TV and Your PC

Philips Prestigo SRM7500
Philips hopes to cater to compulsive clickers with its new Prestigo SRM7500, an easy-to-use device that controls not only your home theater gear but your PC, too.

In fact, the SRM7500 is designed primarily to control your PC. In Microsoft’s Media Center, the large, green Windows button serves as an anchor, returning you to the main screen from wherever you are in the file structure.

The most exciting of the SRM7500’s features is support for Windows SideShow technology. With it, compatible products can display and manipulate information pulled off the Internet, such as weather data and headlines, or data from the PC itself, such as photos or music. Unfortunately, at press time, the Side-Show support wasn’t fully developed.

Apart from that, the remote is still pretty neat. It lets you control up to six devices and even program macros for more complex functions involving up to 25 button presses.

As universal remote software goes, Philips’s is tops. Control over the PC, which is the main reason you’ll consider buying this device, was hiccup-free, too. But since another big reason to choose this remote is SideShow, you might want to wait and see how well Philips pulls this one off.

Philips Prestigo SRM7500 Review
$200 street
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