LG VX8800 Venus Review: Cool Slider Is Capable, Too

LG VX8800 Venus
Here’s a head-turner of a handset for Verizon that offers some extra pizzazz thanks to its cool hybrid touch-screen/keypad interface. With its faux leather back and comfortable keypad, the Venus feels luxurious. Just below the 2-inch main screen is a 1.5-inch 176-by-240-pixel touch screen with virtual buttons that change with each menu. Force feedback on the buttons lets you know you’ve pressed them, though responses lag a bit. These virtual buttons add a lot of flexibility and usability to the mostly standard Verizon interface.

The Venus’s call quality is respectable, though reception in weak signal areas leaves something to be desired. The earpiece is loud, with some distortion at high volumes. Battery life, at nearly 5 hours of talk time, isn’t bad.

Phone aside, the Venus has a ton of other features. By navigating through various menus you’ll find a good e-mail client that supports MSN, Yahoo!, and POP3; instant-messaging apps for AIM, MSN, and Yahoo!; Verizon’s VZNavigator GPS-based driving directions service; and a bare-bones Web browser. The phone has an average-quality 2-megapixel camera, and it will work as a modem for your laptop, too.

The Venus practically oozes style. If you’re willing to pay the price, there’s no shame in choosing this capable phone primarily for its innovative design and good looks.

LG VX8800 Venus Review
$399.99; $249.99 and up with contract
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