Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS Review: Little Upgrade from Kodak

Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS
If before we have presented Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS, hence at this Z812 IS series have similar specification, like setting manual panel, high optical zoom (12x), Image Stabilizer (IS) feature to prevent blur, to high ISO/ASA choice (64-3200). But at this Z812 IS, its video ability has been improved equivalent to HD (High Definition).

The presence of EasyShare Z812 IS is cheer up the line of camera with high optical zoom character like Canon S5 IS, Panasonic FZ18, Sony H9, Fuji S800fd, and Olympus SP-550UZ. 12x optical zoom of course very useful to make a picture form long distance, but this thing also has risk. It can make “shaky” photo. That’s why IS feature takes important role here.

As semi pro compact camera, Z812 IS offers so many ability, start from completely automatic usage to manual setting like SLR camera. Even so, selling price of Kodak is including inexpensive if compared to its competitor.

Many similarities between Z812 IS and Z712 IS series, starts from it physical (and its button structure) to available function. What is different, at Z812 IS is available Panorama shot mode at shot choice dial button. With this choice, you can create panorama photo with wide view range created from 3 frame shot. Moreover, linking process between frames is very smart so that the result of photo seems perfect, almost be unseen interposed extension between three frames.

Z812 IS also has other interesting facility passed HD format movie recording. Besides VGA format (640x480 pixel), you can make HD video in MOV format (1280x720 pixel). This video type is clearly softer and suited for documentation that equivalent with DVD quality. But must be remember, HDTV record very wastes memory. The camera also get power inefficiency if only uses alkaline battery; better if uses figured in CRV3 battery. Unhappily, camera do not compatible with NiMH battery which usually easier to get.

As a whole, Kodak Z812 IS is very attractive to applies for various photo needed. Besides the available of creative manual choice, there is also available automatic modus including photo scheme choice. Its principal and quality as a whole is still looking like Z712 IS which already tested before. Camera greatness is at panorama photo function and video record ability with HDTV quality which its result seen well in TV.

Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS Review
Price range: $240 - $280
Pixel Resolution: 8,1 Megapixel CCD
Photo Resolution (min/max): 1280x960 / 3264x2448 pixel
Video Resolution (min/max): 320x240 / 1280x720 pixel @30 fps
Storage media: 32 MB internal dan SD/MMC
File Format (photo/video): JPG / MOV
Lens equivalent: 36 – 432mm
Aperture setting: F3.6 – F8
ISO equivalent: 64 – 3200
Zoom: 12x Optical / 4,2x Digital
Shutter Speed (sec.): 16 – 1/1000
Macrofocus: 12 cm
Viewfinder: electric
LCD Diagonal: 2.5 inches (wide)
Connectivity: USB,
Battery: Lithium CR-V3 or 2 alkaline AA baterry (rechargeable)
Dimension: 10,8 x 7,4 x 7,6 cm
Weight: 300 gram (with battery)

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