Gigabeat V81 Review: Record, Play, and Share

Gigabeat V81
After launching V41 one year ago, Toshiba finally introduces the newest generation of Gigabeat series V, namely V81. If V41 has 4GB internal memory, V81 equipped with bigger internal memory, namely 8GB.

This means V81 able to saves more song and video. The battery ready to play MP3 song during 40 hours nonstop, 10 hours telecast, and 13 hours video record with WMA and WMV format.

Toshiba also planted new technology and renews the technology inside V81. New feature introduced is SDHC card slot. This slot is so importance for portable media player (PMP) which equipped with TV tuner like V81.

As V41, this new PMP can record and saves a television program. But, do not like V41, V81 makes its user can transfer the record result to other media or player.

This is the main function of SDHC slot. User will save its record result (or video record) in internal memory, and then copies it to SD card memory. This SD Card makes the record can be displayed in other device, like personal computer.

Toshiba also increases the ability of 1Seg TV tuner. This is the terrestrial broadcast service for audio/video and digital data for mobile device in Japan. This service started at 2005.

In V81 body, Toshiba gives the tuner a facility to presents digital TV display with better quality. Besides, the V81 ability to records telecast is comes from the improvement of 1Seg tuner. This small device automatically can be called as “portable digital video recorder solid-state”.

With SD card slot, this device also ready to present photo files. Photo size and date Information also able to be presented in V81 3,5 inches screen.

As a note, Gigabeat is popular audio/video player device in Japan since launched at 2003. The popularity makes Microsoft interests to cooperating with the Japan Company.

Microsoft also sticks together in some Gigabeat peripherals and planted Windows Media Player and Portable Media Center interface feature. Latter, Microsoft also makes his own PMP, Zune, which inspired by Gigabeat.

Gigabeat V81 Review
Price range: $ 326
- Dimension: 115 × 75 × 14,2 mm
- Weight: 168 grams
- Connectivity: USB
- Audio/video format: MP3, WAV, WMA, WMV with copyrights protector technology Windows Media DRM 10, and JPEG photo format
- Battery: TV (10 hours), video record (13 hours), music (40 hours)
- Other feature: Mono speaker terminal, external antenna, mini jack 3,5 mm, prop
- Screen: LCD 3,5 inches (320 x 240 pixels)
- Color: Black

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