Sony PMX-M70 Review: Super Slim Media Player

Sony PMX-M70
Sony step to enter personal media player (PMP) market of course makes scared the other competitor. Especially with its new products arrivals, Sony PMX-M70.

The excellence of this gadget is it ultra thin designs, like iPhone Apple with great screen quality. That is 4,3 inch TFT with 480x272 pixels resolution. This size pertained wide for a digital music/video player.

Combination of orange and black color which wrapping this gadget makes PMX-M70 becoming gorgeous. From the feature side of course none far differed from other music player. But can be said contain planted to PMX-M70 is quite a lot. This Gadget can play music file which having MP3, WMA and ACC format. Also able to presents JPEG, BMP and TXT file.

It’s really good for video, because PMX-M70 ready to play AVC (H264/AVC), MPEG-4 and AVI format. Video can be saves in internal memory which carrying 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities. Memory expansion is enabled with offer of memory card slot.

Other feature planted at PMX-M70 for example, the ability to plat and records radio broadcast. Also available built in speaker, microphone, and line-in recording feature. Sound can be arranged through equalizer with six visualization choices.

Sony PMX-M70 Review
- Screen: 4,3 inch, 480 x 272 pixels
- File format: Audio (MP3, WMA, ACC), video (AVC (H264/AVC), MPEG-4, AVI), photo (SRT, JPEG, BMP, RSC and TXT)
- Feature: line-in A/V, radio/ FM recorder, USB 2.0, microphone, TV out, 6 equalizer, slot MS/MS Pro, direct video recording, built in speaker
- Battery: audio (20 hour), video (5 hour)

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Hi Nice Blog .If you fast forward through your play list, ipod battery will need to fill its cache more frequently, thus accessing the hard drive more often and using more power. This will decrease overall battery life.


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