Lenovo IdeaPad Y710, Y510, and U110 Review: Lenovo in Style

IdeaPad Y710-Y510-U110
When take over the International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. at 2004, Lenovo Group Inc. didn’t have any breakthrough inovation. They take over IBM product, including its laptop brand: ThinkPad. But, in Consumer Electronics Show 2008 in Las Vegas, United States, the Chinese company launchs their new laptop name: IdeaPad.

Differs from ThinkPad, which addressed for business user, IdeaPad is an entertainment laptop. Lenovo targets the IdeaPad to the gamer and home consumer. Lenovo is launched three models; IdeaPad Y710, Y510, and U110, which each laptop has screen size 17 inchs, 15 inchs, and 11 inchs.

Lenovo is convinced, after personel computer is changes from business machine becomes entertainment device, design and style becomes really importance for customer. That’s why IdeaPad has very interesting design. For Y510 model, its cover is having texture like lawn, while U110 model present in aluminium cover with metallic red color.

All model use Intel dual core chipset. The difference, Y710 is include the first laptop which using Intel Penryn Core 2 Duo T9300 (2,5 GHZ), while Y510 applies Intel Merom (Core 2 Duo T5550) chipset. Its available face identification feature for security, 1,3 megapixel camera and five Dolby Home Theater loudspeakers.

"Your Face becomes your password," said Craig Merrigan, Vice President Global Consumer Marketing Lenovo. With VeriFace Face Recognition software, camera will recognize user face for logins, its unnecessary to remember the keyword.

The sound system consisted of four loudspeakers, which placed in two screen sides and the two other above the keyboard. The subwoofer is placed under the chassis. Its also available Lenovo Multimedia Control Center software, which claimed will make easier the user to play film, music, and view the photo.

IdeaPad Y710 is designed for gamer. Its have 2 GB memories, which able to be improved to 4GB and the hard disk having 250GB capacities (5500 rpm). Available also the second hot-swap hard disk with same capacities to save and transfers data and ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 graphic card. CD/DVD-RW dual-layer can be changed with DVD Blu-ray. The price of IdeaPad Y710 is US$ 1200.

Meanwhile, IdeaPad Y510 is similar with Y710 model. The IdeaPad Y510 goal is to placing desktop PC in home. The price starts from US$ 800. Both models it’s already available in United States market. Meanwhile, U110 model is scheduled to launch in the end of March, so that the price and detail specification not yet release by Lenovo.

By giving style at its laptop, Lenovo hopes can maintain the world top three position which be obtained in third quarter of 2007. According To IDC, Lenovo market share in 2007 is 8,2 %, below the Hewlett-Packard (19,6 %) and Dell (15,2 %). Lenovo only exeed 0,1% from the previous third rank, Acer.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y710, Y510, and U110 Short Review
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