Philips AJL308 Review: Multifunction Alarm

Philips AJL308
Tiny but have lot of function. That is the fast look of Philips AJL308, alarm clock which also functioning as FM radio, MP3, video player and digital photo frame.

Alarm with simple sound which usualy applies to wake you up at the morning will felt odd when placed side by side by this gadget. The reason is, AJL308 enables you to turn on alarm with favourite FM radio broadcast or MP3 song.

But, if you want another sound, there is available nature voice, like bird or waterfall, church bell voice.

In its front part there is 7 inchs screen. In the screen right corner presented digital photo frame. In its side are calendar, time display and alarm clock with fit to look size.

Philips AJL308 has been equipped with song collection in its memory. But, if you wish to add more, there is available USB slot so the song transfer process can be done directly from desktop computer or laptop.

In its body is also available addition memory card slot (SD/MMC). So copies photo to Philips AJL308 is so easy, like push button with finger. You can look around the photo collection one by one or in slide show and seen the video clip together with listening radio broadcast or music from MP3 song collection.

Built-in FM Radio at Philips AJL308 contains 20 presets and double alarm function. Alarm can be tuned with soft alarm modes, which will volume up the alarm (music and radio) gradually. Its small body makes Philips AJL308 not required big place.

Philips AJL308 has been available in with price US$ 130. But, Philips said that this gadget in fact has not been officially sold.

A number of buyers have brought it to house. But, not all is satisfying. One of buyer said that alarm with MP3 in fact less effectively because song exactly makes people get well-sleep.

Moreover, another buyer said that the Philips AJL308 screen resolution is too low so don’t comfortly when seen on close distance. Besides, the screen light is too bright even have been set in soft mode. It’s disturbing to people who likes to sleep in darkness.

Other buyers said that made in Chumby alarm ( is better that Philips alarm. Entirety of Philips alarm feature offered by Chumby alarm, but in costlier price. Chumby sold at US$ 180.

The difference, you can connect Chumby to Internet through Wi-Fi wireless network. Besides, its have various interface and touch screen.

Philips AJL308 Review

- Dimension: 208,5 x 168,5 x 91,2 mm
- Storage media: USB flash drive, Memory Card (SD/MMC)
- Alarm: Dual alarm, nature voice, buzzer alarm
- Radio: FM Antenna, auto-digital tuning, 20 preset
- Audio Player: MP3, WMA
- Video player: DivX, MPEG4
- Loudspeaker type: Bass Reflex Speaker System with diameter 32 mm
- Photo format: JPEG
- Screen: LCD TFT 7-inch with contrast ratio 300: 1 and aspect ratio 16: 9

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