JVC GR-D850 Review: Cheap Digital Camcorder

Camera which its body is covered with silver color and “Victor” signature at one of its body side sold with the price of around $400 only. Relatively cheap if compared with various interesting feature inside.

This MiniDV class camera body can be said slim with dimension 68 x 118 x 74 milimeters. That why, this camera is nicknamed as baby movie. The body is rather smaller compared to its predecessor, D750.

Besides, as made in JVC High Definition (HD) camera, Everio, GR-D850 design locates gravitation at low-centre point. This camera is easy to grasped and suitable for woman hand or children.

This camera equipped by LCD screen 2,7 inchs with colour 123.000 pixels and its ability to automatically tunes the brightness level. Sensor in its body has recorded various lighting ranges, starts from standard lighting until really bright lighting.

Lighting level of its object (illumination) minimum is 12 lux. But, user is able to record with only 1 lux. So, records a dog is being falling asleep at that light condition wouldn’t make fear or surprises the dog.

At the time of excess light condition at outside room, for example below the sunshine, this camera control will work lessens the back light so the LCD screen able to be seen.

This camera also contains widescreen format 16:9. Suitable as widescreen viewer with realistic and higher level picture quality. Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) at this camera contains grid colour to 680.000 pixels so that record result would be more colorful.

JVC GD-D850 is also equipped with lens 35 milimeters, equivalent with focus length 41 which reach 1.435 mm. This camera lens can do zoom to 35x, bigger if compared to other JVC digital camcorder.

With big zooms ability, small objects which not seen at normal recording mode can be seen clearly. Besides, lack of room and place when watching certain moment, for example sports, can be overcome easily.

For newbie, this camera can be said friendliness because the recording function and takes a picture easy to be accessed. On the other side, there is also Auto mode which can record important moment without need to worry geting away from monitoring.

The battery labeled BN-VF808 with record ability nonstop 2 hour.

JVC GR-D850 Review
Price Range: $400

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Bought similar digital camcorder from Vanns at best possible prices.....!


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