Linksys Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router With Storage Link (WRT600N) Review

WRT600N linksys
In the summer of 2007, Linksys entered the 802.11n market, but its WRT350N didn’t offer enough - neither enough speed nor enough features. The brand-new Linksys WRT600N attempts to correct that-and succeeds.

Several improvements make this router the best of the crop I looked at. First, it looks cool in a Bat Cave sort of way. Second, it’s true dual-band. Many vendors call their routers and access points dual-band, but the devices can’t run in both the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz spectrums simultaneously. Most folks still have equipment that uses the lower band, though, forcing them to live in 2.4-GHz, essentially making 11n a pipe dream. The Linksys WRT60ON enables both radios, letting 11b and 11g folks exist in the 2.4-GHz zoo, while costly 11n PC Cards will be able to live up to their potential.

Aside from that, the box’s StorageLink technology lets you share a USB hard drive across the network, and the access point incorporates all the goodies that Linksys users have come to expect from an Internet-sharing router. The WRT600N costs a little more than others in the group I looked at here, but it’s worth the money.

Linksys Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router With Storage Link (WRT600N) Review
Price range: $250 street

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