Apple Airport Extreme N Review

Apple Airport Extreme
This upgrade to Apple’s access point would have been better for users if it had true dual-band operation, like the Linksys WRT600N. As it stands, the Extreme N can operate in either 5-GHz (802.11n only) or 2.4-GHz (11b/g-compatible) mode, but not both. Still, since most MacBooks are lln- enabled as of late last year, there’s a good chance that your entire home network can move to 5 GHz, if you’ve got relatively now hardware.

For households with Macs and PCs, the lack of a firewall at the router is another problem. This router might-and in light of the increasing Apple-focused malware landscape, I stress might-work for Macsm but it definitely will not work for PCs. Considering that this is a device intended as an all-in-one Internet gateway for home networks that include both PCs and Macs, dropping firewall security is a mistake, in my opinion.

The access point has the impressive styling and case of use everyone expects from Apple, however, and shows solid performance. It’s also got a USB port that you can configure to share a USB hard drive. Pricing is good, too, though a little expensive in light of the single-band operation and the dearth of security features. For the Apple-only home, this product is fine, but it’s definitely not a preferred choice for networks that include PCs, no matter what the attractive packaging says.

Apple Airport Extreme N Short Review
$179 direct

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